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Risk Rating Guide

A risk rating guide is a table showing the organisation's definition of the various consequence and likelihood categories.  A different set of rating guide can be prepared for each of the company within the organisation (if multiple companies are set up).

To prepare or modify a risk rating guide, select Risk Rating Guide from the Administration Main Menu.

Select the company the rating guide relates to using the dropdown list and then select the Consequence, Likelihood or Control Effectiveness Rating Guide by clicking the respective button at the top of the screen.

To add a new consequence type, click the New Consequence Type button and enter a name for the consequence type and click OK.  Enter descriptions for each risk level and click Save.

You may copy the rating guide from another company by clicking the Copy Guide from Another Company button:

Select the company that has the rating guide you would like to copy to the currently selected company.  The copy function will only copy the rating guide you are currently viewing.  If you are viewing the Likelihood Rating Guide, then only the Likelihood Rating Guide will be copied.  You may select whether you want to append the rating guide to the current one or replace the current guide with the one from the other company.  If you select Replace, then all existing data related to the currently selected rating guide will be erased.  Click OK to make the copy.

The Likelihood and Control Effectiveness Rating Guides are prepared in the same way.

Note: Be careful when changing the rating guides as there may have been risks rated according to the existing definitions.  If a definition is changed or new ones added, all existing risks should be re-evaluated to ensure consistency.