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User Management

This function is used to create new users, change user details, deactivate existing users and reset a user's password.

To create a new user, click the New User button:

Enter the user ID (no space and no apostrophe symbol allowed) and a password for the user (minimum 5 characters). You may also enter the optional Email Address and Location fields.  Tick the Activate Account box and click Update.  The initial password is set to be expired already and if the system password rules are enforced, the user must change the password upon login.

If you want to create an administrator account, start the User ID with Admin, e.g. AdminCYW, Admin.Mary.  If you want to create a local administrator, tick the Local Administrator tick box.  A local adminstrator can only manage user accounts and user access authority for the specified organisation unit in the User Location field.  An administrator does not have user function access so you do not have to set User Access Control for the user.

The User Full Name and Email Address fields are compulsory. 

The Location field can be used to set the default company for the user if there are more than one company set up in the system.  If you use the Compliance Survey function, the location will identify to where the user belongs.  Use the name of an active organisation unit that is in the Organisation Unit library.  See note below.

If you want the system to automatically attach a default organisation unit to a new incident created by the user, click the Select button next to the Default Incident Location field and select an organisation unit from the pop-up organisation tree.  Click Set Org Unit to attach or click Remove Org Unit to detach.


If the user is only allowed to register incidents with no authority to do anything else, tick the Incident Registration Only box.  Users with this access level will not be shown on the User Access Control screen and hence cannot be granted with any additional access privilege.

Note: Once a user is created, the User ID cannot be changed.  To change a User ID, deactivate the existing user and create a new one.

To deactivate an existing user, select the user from the list:


Remove the tick from the Activate Account box by clicking it and click the Update button.


To change a user password, select the user from the list, enter a new password for the user and click the Update button.

Note:  If you have set up multiple companies in your system, enter the name of company that you most frequently use in the Location field and the system will default to this company for the user whenever there is a dropdown list to select a company.  Different users can have a different default company each.

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