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Audit Review

When an audit program is marked completed, a user with Audit Write access other than the auditor entering the audit results may review the audit and raise queries or provide feedback to the auditor.  If the conditions are not satisfied, the Review buttons will be greyed out.

The Review buttons for Items that have already been reviewed are blue in colour and is labelled Reviewed.  The items to be reviewed are labelled Review and are black in colour.

You may view the reviewed items and enter comments.  If you are the person who entered the review notes originally, you may modify the review notes, otherwise, the review notes will be greyed out.

Click the Save button to save data entered or click the Hide button to remove the Audit Review panel without saving the data.

If your Administrator has set the CompulsoryAuditReview setting to True in the System Reference Table, then the review must be completed before the audit can be finalised.