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Audit Workpaper

Module: Audit & Compliance.

Purpose: To record the workings of audit testing.

To Access: Audit & Compliance - Perform Audit - select an audit program - Open Audit Program - Workpapers.

The Audit Workpaper in GuardianERM.Net provides a convenient way to store your audit working papers as evidence of the audit and support for your findings, report and proposed resolutions to control weakness.

Note: Once the Audit Workpaper function is used for an audit program, the system would not allow you to enter results directly into the Enter Audit Result screen. The audit results in the work papers are automatically calculated and updated into the Enter Audit Result screen once they are saved.

The Audit Workpaper is automatically divided into different worksheets according to the Sample Type of the audit procedure.

The audit procedures that do not require sampling are called Checklist.

The audit procedures that require sampling will be named according to the sample type.

Select a worksheet from the list and click the Open Selected Worksheet:

Note: Save the worksheet before closing it or selecting another worksheet. If you are working on a large worksheet, save the data regularly to prevent loss of data due to connection or other system or network problems.

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