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Copying and Moving Risks, Controls and Audit Procedures

Module: Risk Management

Purpose: To copy or cut and paste risk evaluation data.

To Access: Risk Management - Risk Evaluation.

Risks, controls and audit procedures can be copied or moved to another destination using the Copy, Cut and Paste buttons.

When a risk is copied or moved, all its attached controls and audit procedures will be copied or moved with it. Similarly, when a control is copied or moved, its attached audit procedures will be copied or moved as well.

To copy or move a single item, select the item and click the Copy or Move button. Then select the destination and click the Paste button.

Selected Source What Will be Copied or Moved Allowed Destination
Organisation Unit All risks, controls and audit procedures within the selected organisation unit (note that the organisation unit will not be copied or moved. To copy or move an organisation unit, use the Library function). Another organisation unit
Risk The selected risk and all controls attached to the risk and all audit procedures attached to the respective controls. Another organisation unit
Control The selected control and all audit procedures attached to it. Another risk
Audit The selected audit procedure. Another control

Make sure you check the evaluation and related information after the copy or move function as they may not apply to the new destination.

When you copy an item, all linked data (action plans, response plans, external documents, audit results, incidents and compliance items) will remain linked to the original item and the copied item will have no linked data.  When you are moving an item, you have the option of moving the linked data as well.

The options are:

Note: Some options may not be available depending on what you are moving, for example, if you are moving a control, the Action Plan, Response Plan and Compliance Items will not be available to be moved as they are not linked to controls.

Be careful when moving a risk, control or audit across companies and the Audit Results option is selected.  Audit results are linked to an organisation unit,  a risk, control and audit procedure as well as linked to an audit program.  If you move an item from one company to another, the moved audit results may produce unexpected effects, like the audit program where the audit procedure is in may appear in .both the original company and the company the item is copied to.