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Attach Document

You can attach documents external to the GuardianERM.Net system for reference. Any kind of document can be attached but you can only view them if you have the necessary software installed on your computer. For example, you will need to have the correct version of Microsoft Excel installed on your computer if you want to view an attached Excel data file.

When you open the Attach Document page, the Attached Documents List shows, if any, all the documents attached.

The description of the document is shown when a document is selected. To open the document for viewing, click the View button. You have a choice of either saving the document to your computer or open the document. Please note that the selected document is downloaded to your computer before it is opened. A large document will take a longer time to download than a small document. Any changes made to the document can only be saved to your computer. The document on the server remains unchanged. To change the document on the server, you have to upload the changed document on your computer to the server.

To detach a document, select it from the list and click the Detach button.

To attach a document, click the Attach button, the select document boxes will appear. Select a folder on the server where documents are stored from the list:

The documents that have been uploaded to the selected folder on the server will be shown:

Select the file you wish to attach and click the Select button. If the document is stored on your computer and has not been uploaded to the server, you need to upload the document to the server first before it can be attached.

To upload a document to the server:

Click the Attach button to show the Select Document boxes then click the Upload button:

Select a folder on the server to store the document.  If the Private folder is selected, after the document is uploaded and attached, the document will not be listed for attachment anymore.  It will be shown as a document attached and users authorised to access the item the document is attached to can still open the document for viewing as usual.  The Private folder is used to upload sensitive documents such that users cannot list its contents, attach a sensitive document and view it.

Click the Browse button to select the document to be uploaded on your computer.

Click the Upload Selected File to Server button to upload the document. When the upload is completed, the upload information will confirm the successful upload:

Check that the content length matches the size of the document to ensure the complete document is uploaded.

If an error message appear, the upload has not been successfully completed and you will have to try again.

To delete files that have been uploaded to the server, contact your system administrator.

Once a document is uploaded, it will be shown on the Select Document list and can be attached.