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Risk Evaluation - Organisation Unit Details

Module: Risk Management

Purpose: To set the details of an organisation unit.

To Access: Risk Management - Risk Evaluation (or Risk Review) - select an organisation unit - select Edit from the Organisation Unit Select Action dropdown list.


Data Fields:

Organisation Unit* Shows the name of the selected organisation unit, cannot be changed here.
Owner* Shows the name of the owner of the organisation unit, cannot be changed here.
Business Objective* The business objective of the organisation unit. Cannot be changed here.
Process Type Select the type of process from the dropdown list.
IT Systems Enter the main IT systems used by the organisation unit.
Significance Select a significance level from the dropdown list.
Last Reviewed The date the risks and controls for this organisation unit was reviewed and the user who reviewed it. Cannot be changed.

* These fields can be modified in the Library.

Note: An organisation unit shown in italics indicates that there are external documents attached to it.