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Setting up Consequence Levels for an Incident Category

To set up a new set of consequence levels for an incident category, log in as an Administrator and select System Parameters Management.

Click the Add New Parameter button at the top of the screen:

In the Reference field, type in IncidentImpact and then the incident category name without any spaces followed by an integer number starting with 1.

In the Value field, enter the consequence level you want.  The reference with the number 1 at the end must be the lowest level of impact, the reference with the number 2 will be the next higher level and so on.  Click Save to save the new parameter and repeat the process until all consequence levels are set up.

For example, if you want to create 5 consequence levels for a category called ASIC Breach and the 5 levels are Insignificant Breach, Minor Non-conformance, Non-conformance, Major Non-conformance and Criminal Activity, you will create the following parameters:

Reference   Value

Insignificant Breach

IncidentImpactASICBreach2 Minor Non-conformance
IncidentImpactASICBreach3 Non-conformance
IncidentImpactASICBreach4 Major Non-conformance
IncidentImpactASICBreach5 Criminal Activity