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Module: Risk Management

Purpose: To maintain the library of master file data for the risk management module.

To Access: Risk Management - Library.


The GuardianERM.Net Library is a set of master files used to establish the risk management structure of the system and to provide risk, control and audit procedures for attachment to the Organisation Unit structure for evaluation.

Data items in the library are used by all components of the system and shared by all users of the system. Transactions, like audit programs and other data items are attached to these master file data items in the library. Once established and other data items and transactions are attached to them, the name and description of the master file data items should NOT be changed. These items are like the Chart of Accounts of an accounting system where journals are posted against. The account name and description should not be changed once journals have been posted to it as it would affect previously recorded transactions. You may change the name and description of a master file data item only if it contains spelling or grammatical errors and making the change would not change the meaning of the item. Otherwise, leave the existing item unchanged and create a new item such that the previously recorded transactions will stay meaningful.

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