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System Password Rules

By default, the system password rules are turned off.  To turn it on and configure the rules, select System Password Rules from the Main Menu in the Administration Module.  You have to log in as an administrator to access this function.

All changes will be activated the next time a user changes his/her password.  For the "Number of Days Password is Valid For" setting, when the rules are turned on, all users have the same number of days entered to change their passwords.

The system administrator's password will never expire, regardless of the settings.

Without the password rules, when a user changes his/her password, the new password must be at least 5 characters in length and there cannot be any 3 consecutive characters that are in the old password.  For example, replacing yellow with lower will not be accepted because 'low' is contained in yellow.

When an administrator creates a new user or resets an existing user's password, the password rules, except the default minimum 5 characters rule, do not apply.  However, the new password will have expired already and the user must change the password upon login.

Note: The following special characters cannot be used for a password:

" ' % * ( ) < >