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Safe work Method Statements

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are instructions or procedures given to workers performing hazardous tasks in order that the tasks are performed in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

To use this feature in GuardianERM.Net, the SWMS must be recorded in the following way:

  1. In Organisation Units under Library, create an organisation unit WHS under the company level.
  2. Create an organisation unit Safe Work Method Statements under WHS.
  3. Create SWMS as organisation units under Safe Work Method Statements.
  4. The tasks for each SWMS are created as organisation units under the SWMS.
  5. Create risks for each task in the Risk tab in the Library.
  6. Create safe work methods (or procedures) as controls in the library.
  7. In Risk Evaluation, attach the appropriate risks for each task in a SWMS.
  8. Attach the appropriate controls to each risk.

Note: As an organisation may have a lot of SWMS which may contain many risks and controls, it is recommended that a new company is created for the SWMS as some of the  risks and controls in the SWMS may already be attached somewhere else in the risk management content structure and may distort high level reporting for the organisation.  A sample set up may be as follows:

In this case, a company called OHS is created to store the SWMS.

Once that is done, the SWMS can be printed in the Report module under WHS - Safe Work Method Statements.