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Compliance Timetable

Module: Compliance.

Purpose: To view the history of completion of a compliance item and to record completion of a current compliance item.

To Access: Compliance - Compliance Management - Time Table.

The Compliance Timetable shows the history of completion of the selected compliance item and when the compliance item is next due.

You may record completion of an item by selecting it. Note that a completed item cannot be selected.

To complete an item, enter a note (optional), either leave the default Date Completed (the current date) or enter a completion date (cannot be in the future) and click the Complete button. The system will automatically create the next due entry based on the Frequency recorded for the compliance item. Note that the system will NOT create the next due entry if the frequency is 'Ad hoc'.

If you only want to insert a note without completing the item, enter the note and click the Save Notes button.

If an item is completed but there are exceptions (eg. a form is not completely filled due to lack of information or the item submitted late), enter the exception in the Notes field and click the Complete with Exception button.  The item will be completed and will be flagged Completed with Exception which can be selected in the reports.

If there are multiple items to complete within the selected organisation unit and none of the items is selected, clicking the Timetable button will trigger the Multiple Items Completion function.

Select the items completed and fill in the details.  Click the Complete button to complete the multiple items.  You cannot enter '"Notes Only " on the multiple items completion screen.