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Upload User List

Module: System Administration

Purpose: To upload a list of users into

To Access: Administration Main Menu - User Management - click Upload User List

When setting up the system for the first time, you may create users by uploading a list of users instead of creating them one by one.  This is particularly useful when you have a large number of users and the data is available in an electronic format like Excel.

The User List must be an ASCII text file with data fields separated by commas without any header or footer rows.  The fields must be in the following order:

User ID - maximum length 50 characters.  No apostrophe or space allowed.

Password - minimum 5 alpha-numeric characters and is case sensitive.

Location (Optional) - maximum 100 characters.

Email Address - maximum 50 characters.

User Name - full name of user, maximum 50 characters.

Is the user an Incident Registration Only user? - Use 1 if Yes or 0 if no.

Note: If you leave an optional field blank, you must still put in the comma.  Do not put a full stop (or anything) at the end of the line.

For example:

cyw, pasSwoRd, Head Office,, CY Wong, 0

cyw, pasSwoRD,,, CY Wong,1

Note: The data in the text file must be validated by the Administrator first as does not validate the data.  The system will throw an error and the upload aborted if a user name is duplicated, a user field is blank or symbols that cannot be processed are encountered in the file.

You can activate the System Password Rules to force the users to change their passwords the first time they log in.