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Risk Evaluation - Risk Details

Module: Risk Management

Purpose: To set the details of a control once attached to a risk.

To Access: Risk Management - Risk Evaluation (or Risk Review) - select a control - select Edit from the Risk Select Action dropdown list.


Data fields:



The result of the risk evaluation is summarised in real time for both the current risk and the targeted risk (if all proposed and agreed controls were implemented).  Click the Current Risk or the Targeted Risk button to view the respective results.

The blue line on the Heat Map shows the Acceptable Residual Risk level, that is, acceptable if the residual risk (RR) is to the left of the blue line and unacceptable if it is to the right of the line.

If there is any incidents linked to this risk, the incidents will be listed.  You can view (but not modify) the incidents by clicking the Open link if you are authorised to view the incident.

Additional functions:

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