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Process Review

The GuardianERM Process Review is a non-risk-based audit function.  It is suitable for reviewing processes according to a pre-defined checklist or questionnaire.

For certain types of review, for example quality audits and compliance audits, using the Process Review function can be simpler and quicker as it does not need an established risk structure.

To use the Process Review function, you will need to create a checklist or questionnaire and then using the checklist as a template, prepare review programs and perform the review by obtaining answers to the questions.

The Process Review supports the use of samples.  For example, you may use a Payment Review template to check a sample of paid invoices or use a Quality Audit template to check a sample of products or transactions.

Note: To use this function, your security profile must include Auditor or Audit Sign-Off at the company level (top level).  Please contact your administrator for further information.

Prepare and Modify Review Templates

Perform a Process Review