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Process Review Checklist Maintenance

Module: Audit & Compliance.

Purpose: To create and maintain Process Review checklists.

To Access: Audit & Compliance - Process Review Setup.

The Checklist Maintenance function is used to create and maintain Process Review checklists or templates.  To create a checklist, you must first have some idea what the checklist would look like, what questions to ask and how the questions may be grouped to make it easier to follow and complete.

Note: To use this function, your security profile must include Auditor or Audit Sign-Off at the company level (top level).  Please contact your administrator for further information.

To create a new Process Review checklist:

  1. Select Process Review - Checklist Maintenance from the Main Menu or the Drop-down menu.
  2. Select the company from the dropdown list.
  3. Click the New Review button and enter a name for the Process Review checklist (Review Name) to be created.
  4. Click the Save button.

  1. Click the Header Reference button.  The Header References are fields used to described the samples selected or the reviews (if sampling is not applicable to this review) to be performed in the future based on this checklist.  Typical header references are Location, Person-in-Charge, Invoice Number etc.
  2. Enter up to 7 header reference field names and click the Save button.  Note, header references are optional.  For example:

  1. Click the Add Question button.
  2. Click the New Section button to create a new section for the checklist or select an already created section from the dropdownlist.
  3. Click the New Topic button to create a new topic under the section just created.  Note: Using Section and Topic to group questions together is optional.
  4. Enter a question.
  5. You can have 3 answers to each question.  The default answers are Yes, No and N/A.  You may change them by typing in your preferred answers but the first answer must be the positive answer, the second must be the negative answer and the third a neutral answer.  This is important as this is what the system uses to rate the answers and provide a score for the review.
  6. If you want to force the person answering the question to provide a comment when a certain answer is selected, tick the Force Comment box for the answer.  The system automatically ticks the Force Comment for the second answer but you can change that.
  7. The system automatically numbers the questions sequentially.  If you want to change the default number, type your number in.  It is suggested that you do not change the default question numbers at this stage.  You can change the numbers after all the questions are entered.
  8. Click Save when you have finished creating the question.  For example:

  1. Once you clicked Save, the question will appear on the question list.

  1. Repeat the process from steps 7 to 14 to complete your checklist.

If you want to modify any question, click the Select link in front of the question, make the modifications and click the Save button.

You can renumber the questions, sections and topics to change the sequence of presentation of the questionnaire.  To see what the questionnaire looks like, click the Preview Checklist button.

When a checklist is out-of-date or no longer in use, you can deactivate it by clicking the Deactivate button.

To view or modify a previous prepared Process Review Checklist, select the review from the Review Name dropdown list.

Note: Once a checklist has been used in a review, the checklist cannot be changed.  To update a used checklist, click the Copy Review button at the top to create a copy of the checklist, modify the copied checklist and deactivate the old one.

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